Evanston Farmer’s Market

On Saturdays from May 5th until November 3rd in downtown Evanston, IL there is a rather sizable farmer’s market. Visit there between 7:30 am  and 1 pm.

Look at the vastness

I arrived there in pursuit of greens for an upcoming veggie week and though it was about 11:30 I never felt like all the good stuff was taken by the crazies who wake up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday. I’m all about the relentless pursuit of the best food, but forsaking hours of delicious sleep is usually asking too much of me.

While snacking on a crepe I shopped for some bags of salad mix and greens, some fresh asparagus,  and tried to find some funky herbs (chocolate mint anyone?) to try.


This market is large, and has a lot of selection. Great variety with stands dedicated to vegetables, herbs, flowers, baked goods and some coffee/smoothie stands to make sure you are well satiated as you peruse.

Some of the stands had paid special  attention to their displays and I loved the kid’s handwritten signs at the Henry’s Farm stand. I read “Henry’s Farm” recently and had fun getting to see the people and veggies I’ve heard described so well that I almost felt as if I knew them already.

artful display

Part of the allure of a market is to chat with and get to know the various farmers. Some have to get up at 2 am to drive their wares to the market! If you are planning to return often, I’d suggest learning their names and their wares. They love to discuss the fruits of their labors with customers,  whether it’s instructing you how to care for your new basil plant or how to prepare a new kind of green.

Henry's Farm!!

They’ve got a couple of local art stands as well. Visit, buy some delightful local fare and find something new to experiment with.

Downtown Evanston Farmer’s Market


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