About a half mile away from the Evanston Farmer’s Market, past all the crowded chain restaurants is Soulwich.

Trying to find some “local flavor”,  I yelped “food” in Evanston and found a place that seemed interesting and had some good reviews.

Which of course could mean any number of things were in our future.


Menu Board at Soulwich

But Soulwich was delicious! They had vegetarian and vegan options, and all of their Asian inspired sandwiches had  a few solid, simple delicious ingredients.  The menu has 8 different sandwiches, a few salads and sides and some herb infused iced teas/lemonades.

A small place with about 8 tables, the place was very bright and colorful. We ate outside and waited about 7-10 minutes for our sandwiches to be prepared. We ordered 2 sandwiches and split them. So I ended up with half of the Paneer Fig (fig, goat cheese, fig spread and caramelized onions) and half of the Sesame Chili Tuna. Each of their sandwiches comes with julienne  carrots, cilantro and your choice of a side ( slaw or chips).  I loved the tuna! It was warm and had no mayonnaise which is a plus. It was a tad spicy and was cut thick and meaty. Very satisfying.  The fig sandwich was also good, though I think the ratio of cheese to everything else was a bit high. I do love the combo of goat cheese and fig, though adding carrots and cilantro took a couple bites to get used to.

Each sandwich is about $8 and includes a side. If you are in the mood for some interesting sandwiches for a nice satisfying, unique lunch in Evanston, I’d recommend trying Soulwich out.  Support the locals!

And yes, I believe a happy food dance did make an appearance.



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