FEW Spirits

FEW signNorth of Chicago in the suburb of Evanston is the home of independent distillery FEW Spirits. Which is ironic because Evanston used to be part of a strictly dry county. Their very name is an homage to this. Frances Elizabeth Willard was the leader of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union in the 1800s. Cute. Spunky. I like it.

View of distillery from lobbyThey have been around about a year and are already pretty established. It’s a small venture yet has won numerous awards. They make White Whiskey, Bourbon Whiskey, Rye, Gin and Standard Issue Gin, which is bottled at 114 proof!

The owner/operator takes great pride in his “grain to glass” approach and keeps things small and quality focused. Drop by for a tour and some samples sometime. It costs $10 and you learn a good bit about the distillery process and get to try some really good spirits.

FEW Spirits distillery 3

Few Spirits samplesFEW Spirits


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