Bang Bang Pie

Bang Bang Pie

“Bang Bang he shot me down, Bang Bang I hit the ground , Bang Bang my baby shot me dowwwwnnnnn”

I always get that song from Kill Bill stuck in my head after visiting Bang Bang Pie, for obvious reasons. It is a deadly place. The glorious varieties of pie change daily. Their very names will seduce you. The sugar rush afterwards will most assuredly  incapacitate you. And it is so worth it.

Mouthwatering Menu

Bang Bang Pie is in Logan Square and actually started as a food truck. The owner’s Kickstarter campaign raised over $10,000 to fund their storefront. The place is charming and rustic, with brick walls, clean hardwoods floors and flashes of bright, circus red scattered around. The baking is done right behind the cashier so you can see the various stages of the pies. They usually carry a fruit, a cream and a chocolate pie which you can purchase by the slice for $5 or the whole pie for $26.

They also carry biscuits that are extraordinarily buttery inside, with a nice, crispy crust. You can choose from a few different quirky spreads to lather on top. But I’m warning you, this place is RICH. Its hard to choose between a biscuit and a slice of pie, but it is difficult to finish if you choose both. Definitely get a cup of their in-house roasted coffee to offset the insane sugar rush you are about to have.

I love small , independent businesses that obviously love and take pride in their product.  This place does pie dreamily. Visit and follow them on twitter and prepare to start salivating.

Bang Bang Pie    Pie

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