Antique Taco

Chicago has a ton of taco places. Each place I’ve visited creates them a bit differently but mostly they follow the same basic format:

2 or 3 corn tacos with a meat, fish or veggie and topped with funky sauces and re-purposed ingredients in varyingly odd combinations, ie: Hibiscus tortillas, coconut custard, rhubarb chutney, pistachio salsa, pineapple puree, mango aioli etc.

My hands down favorite place for tacos in the city is Antique Taco.

Antique taco sign

Created by Rick and Ashley Ortiz, Antique Taco serves simple, light, delectably made tacos and a hellsyeah! kale taco salad. Their decor is shabby chic with pretty antique details for sale scattered about and hardy wooden farm tables to sit at. Rick is passionate about his menu while Ashley is amazing at presentation,  creating a beautiful, calming atmosphere.

For my wedding last month, I knew I wanted the meal to be delicious. None of this “Chicken or Beef” 3 course nonsense either. Being vegetarians, my husband and I knew we had to find the perfect meal for our guests where they wouldn’t even miss the meat. Thank God Antique Taco caters a taco bar! Just what I was looking for? At my favorite taco place? Can you believe it?! It’s a sign!!


We had a tasting and Rick went above and beyond what we could have wished for in a reception meal. I’m a slightly difficult vegetarian, not liking mushrooms , which was the only vegetarian taco option Antique Taco has at the restaurant. However, Rick had gone to the market that morning and invented 2 types of tacos for us. Not only 2 types but a variation with each type just to make sure we were completely happy with our tacos. Uh Rick, I  was happy after just the description… see for yourself:

Antique Taco Reception Menu

photo by T & C Photographie

When  you are next in Wicker Park and feel peckish, stop by Antique Taco . My favorite is the Antique Taco Salad or the Corn off the Cob Salad.

To. Die. For.



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