Farmer’s Market Caprese

Returning to Chicago after our feta filled Grecian honeymoon, we were excited to finally create a meal for ourselves.

Don’t get me wrong, Greek tavernas are fun and absolutely delish but it is a great feeling to come home, wander the food aisles and brainstorm the perfect lunch.

A mile from our new apartment is the Green City Market. As far as I know it is the largest farmer’s market in the city. It’s got kid’s entertainment, ready to eat food, many options of local artisan foodstuffs and of course farmer’s veggies, meats and breads.


Inspired by some gorgeously fragrant purple basil, I decided what I needed was a caprese sandwich. It’s your basic caprese, with an added bonus of avocado.  If you are inspired to make your own, be sure to use buffalo mozzarella so it is creamy and soft.


Toast the ciabatta lightly. Spread out the avocado and sprinkle some sea salt and crack some black pepper on it to make that avocado sweat a little.


Slice up a few wedges of mozzarella and a hearty tomato slice or two, and add a healthy dose of purple basil (or regular I suppose).


Drizzle with olive oil, maybe a splash of balsamic vinegar, black pepper and crunch away!


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