Let’s eat and drink Portland

“The dream of the 90’s is alive in Portland”

Now I’m going to be singing that all day…

But really, it’s the dream of eating and drinking that is alive in Portland. This past April we visited family in Lincoln City, OR and spent just a few short, scrumptious hours in Portland.

I think we were there for about 4 hours and ordered food and/or drinks at 4 different places… Priorities people!

We are moving to Seattle, WA at the end of September and I’m super excited to revisit some of these places on our roadtrip! We will definitely be taking weekend food excursions to Portland.  Like, all of the time.

Voodoo Doughnuts

Some crazy ass doughnuts are created here. There is always a line around the block and it’s cash only so be prepared. I had such a hard time deciding, so I ordered the Voodoo Dozen, where they choose for you.


Clyde Common

Did you know Happy Hours are illegal in Illinois? Absurd right? Check it out here.

Yeah, it’s dumb.

In Portland, however Happy Hours are legal and plenty. (Cue Happy Food Dance). We went to Clyde Common to try some happy hour specials. Monday through Friday from 3 – 6 pm they have a small cocktail and snack menu on the cheap.

The place was pretty, light , chill and the cocktails were boozy. You must order the ancho chili popcorn.


Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Grab a coffee or a bottle of cold brew here to go with those Voodoo Donuts. Then keep the bottle cause it is pretty.

Tasty n Sons.

We have a ritual when visiting a new city. Visit the best coffee place in town ( prior research is required for this) and get chatty with the baristas. They know what is up in their town.

The barista at Stumptown led us to Tasty n Sons, for which I will be eternally indebted. The menu is just item after item of almost stressfully delicious sounding plates of mouthwatering combinations.  Order many of them and you try not to cry when there is some leftover and your stomach is literally too full for any more. ( I still get made fun of for this)


I sincerely apologize for the complete lack of food pictures. We devoured all the dishes before I could even remember to take out my phone. True story. Guess I’ll just have to revisit.


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