European Eats

After not setting foot in Budapest for about 5 years, my family and I were lucky enough to travel there for Christmas last year.*  We spent some time in Budapest, Vienna, Slovenia, Venice and the fiance and I stopped in Dublin for New Years Eve on the way back to Chi-town. IMG_0494 Kakaos Csiga (chocolate snail) is definitely my most missed Hungarian food. We’d buy them while waiting for the school bus. They’d be warm and flaky, getting oozing chocolate all over our fingers and powdered sugar on our lips. IMG_0482 Our favorite “Gyro guy” remembered us all these years later! As a family we’d go there almost every Friday night during the summer. I’d get the falafel sandwich but steal the caramelized onions from my Dad’s shish kebab and add tons of tahini and tzatziki. It was every bit as delicious as I remembered it. IMG_0418 Just gaze upon that monster meringue! I found it in little Venice bakery and carried it around carefully all day until we finally sat down for coffee. This pretty espresso was in an Italian gas station. If you have never had the distinct pleasure of being in an Italian gas station, let me tell you it is a magical place. Part grocery store, part cafe, part mini mall and part wifi hotspot. Their espresso drinks are pulled perfectly with many variations. Just don’t attempt to purchase a bottle of limoncello after 10:00 pm. They will refuse and laugh as you try to persuade them to please sell it to you so you can bring it home to America. IMG_0515 Excuse the horrible Iphone photo. We visited Greystones, Ireland to let my fiance show me around where he spent a semester of college. Very quaint and pretty. Before embarking on a 3 hour hike that about bruised my feet black and blue, we stopped for fish and chips and the above fried goat cheese salad at a local pub. IMG_0496 Absolutely outstanding coffee at 3rd Floor Espresso.  We tasted the same coffee in 3 variations,  an espresso shot, espresso with steamed milk and filtered. IMG_0498 After suffering a bit of upset stomach after a gross airport sandwich, we were in desperate need of something hearty but also light. The barista at 3fE sent us to a french cafe/bakery where we lunched on french onion soup which warmed our cold, tired bones. Soup is so soul enriching isn’t it? IMG_0499 Oh gosh this meal. This meal made me literally shed tears of gratefulness. It was a hippie, vegetarian place and after eating out for over a week my body was in desperate need of nutrients. At Cornucopia in Dublin, we ordered a mixed plate where we picked from an array of funky salads and sides. I also had a marvelous parsnip ginger soup into which I dipped a savory cheesy biscuit.

I still think about that soup sometimes…

Before we flew out, we had coffee at 3fE one last time. IMG_0538

*This post is quite overdue since my European trip was last Christmas, but whatever. It allows me to reminisce over a magical trip.


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