Gilmore Girls

The only time I ever remembering my Dad swearing was when he watched about 2 minutes of a Gilmore Girls episode, which apparently caused such mental stress and anguish, he exclaimed “How can you watch this shit!?” as we stared at him, wide-eyed and shocked.

My sisters and I protested strongly and defended our beloved show until he threw his hands up in disgust and stalked out.

I think the sheer volume of words and the almost violent shifts in conversation topics stressed his manly brain to a breaking point.

There are many elements in the show that the viewers need to suspend belief for, like any TV show,  but one in particular stands out.

The ladies Gilmore and their highly atrocious eating habits.

As any casual viewer knows, Lorelai and Rory eat constantly. And I don’t remember many vegetables crossing their plates either, which is sad since Sookie always seemed to have such gorgeous produce.

Check out this infographic the Huff Post created of a Gilmore Girl’s average caloric intake, almost 4,000 calories!



One thought on “Gilmore Girls

  1. This is the second “the only time I ever heard my dad swear was due to his hatred of Gilmore Girls” story I’ve heard! Seth Barnes always told the tale of his dad cracking while his sisters watched Gilmore Girls, finally shouting, “Will someone shut those bitches up??!!”

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