Akin Cake

Akin Cake

By no means was I a demanding bride for my wedding this past June. There was one element however, that I was unwavering on.

The food at my reception had to be absolutely spectacularAnd I wanted to find smaller, local vendors that really enjoyed and thrived on creativity while making a quality product.

Antique Taco catering our taco bar was  a quick and easy decision. But where to find a heavenly, decadent cake? There is no end to bakeries in the city and they probably all make wedding cakes.

But so many places concentrated on just creating a spectacle piece. I can just hear their brainstorming:

“A hipster-ey wedding? How about a burlap layered cake, with owls and ribbons and thick framed glasses and a pipe and mustaches with a mason jar topper and the flavor is … Irony and Lace .”

Yeahhhh, no thanks.

photo by T & C Photographie

I wanted to support a smaller business so I emailed my venue contact at Kitchen Chicago. Surely a rental kitchen space will have small catering recommendations!

It’s a Bingo!

She told me about Charin from Akin Cake. Check out her incredibly charming description here! Her mission statement spoke to my soul:

Food, taste, and flavor are delicate arts that should be partaken of and enjoyed by all.  If you remember biting into that first fresh strawberry of the season, the mouthwatering taste of mom’s apple pie, or the bonbons you ate after a bad breakup, then you know food has the uncanny knack of expressing emotions along with taste and sustenance.  Food creates long lasting memories by uniting us, capturing our thoughts, and evoking emotions words fail to describe… My goal, passion, and mission is to bring the art of taste and flavor exceptional foods offer to each and every cake I make so it will turn moments both grand and small into unforgettable memories.

After quickly skimming  her cake flavors, and mouth-watering photos,  I sent her an email. Charin was amazing to work with! She wrote back promptly, brainstormed with me and above all else, created astoundingly delicious cakes.

For an extra $150 she provides a wedding “package” that includes delivery of the cake(s), extra decor, a cake on your 1st year anniversary and a tasting of 3 cakes to help you decide. 


“mini” cakes for tasting.

With classic flavors and a few of her own inventions, you just know she is in love with creating the perfect cake. We settled on a small tiered Ramona Allison ( named for her late grandmother) and two sheet cakes, a  Vanilla Bean and a gluten free Hazelnut cake that was so fudgy and luxurious it was gone in minutes.

I love her descriptions, don’t you!?


Mint Mocha -quirky, intriguing, mysterious

Akin Bakery 1st Cake Photos Smaller 143

S’mores – fire, goo, artistry

Akin Bakery 1st Cake Photos Smaller 66

Peanut Butter and Jelly -mirth, playtime, yummy

Akin Bakery 1st Cake Photos Smaller 42

Vanilla Bean – decadence, exotic, heavenly

If you are looking for a cake for an event visit Akin Cake and shoot Charin an email.

Your sweet tooth will be indebted to you.


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