Wine and cheese spread


I threw a little wine and cheese party for the spouse’s birthday a few weeks ago.

Really I was just looking for an excuse to use some of our fun wedding gifts. Platters, trays, cheese knives and slate boards!  Oh My!


Looking back at these pictures, I see I may have made the spread a bit too overwhelming. But I just wanted ample options for creating tantalizing combinations! There were about 5 different cheeses and a variety of crackers and bread, along with pizzelles.


For toppings I laid out avocados, oil and vinegar, lavender honey, a few savory and sweet jams and spreads, arugula and basil. Also smashed up roasted garlic with oil and herbs.


I found some  tiny “champagne grapes” at Trader Joes. They were very sweet and looked quite elegant in my pretty white basket.


Oh! I also used my small cast iron pot to make my new favorite obsession.

Pour marinara sauce and top with a generous dollop of goat cheese. Circle the cheese with a drizzle of olive oil and top with salt and black pepper. Bake for about 20 minutes.

Sharing is absolutely optional. In fact, I discourage it.


We had a red wine from Greece, a few from Trader Joes and asked our friends to bring some as well. It was fun to mix and match elements to find the best combination of wine, cheese, spread and toppings.


I take any excuse to get out my funky cocktail glass collection. No two are the same and none of them cost more than $1 each if I’m not mistaken.

Secret: Goodwill and thrift stores. Completely cool glasses that are super fun to mix and match.


The whole affair was simply elegant, just what I wanted.

Until the group decided to counteract the posh by watching Jackass: The Movie.


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