Savory French Toast


Excuse the iphone photo. I was too hungry to get out the real camera

I know, this is the 2nd french toast post in as many weeks. We don’t even make it that often. It’s just, I had to share this game changer of an idea*.

Savory. French. Toast.

Why has french toast been locked into this “sweet” category with its toppings reduced to fruit, syrup, butter and whipped cream?

This eye opening concept of making french toast savory is absolutely genius.

It sounds like I’m being hyperbolic, but I’m not. At all.

So the above version is pretty simple. To make:

Use the bread you’d normally use for french toast and make up your egg mixture.

Add some salt, pepper, dried herbs and some cumin to the eggs mixture. Make your french toast. I like mine on the toastier side.

For the garlicky kale,  chop up a bunch of garlic, saute it with olive oil until it just begins to get brown and toast. It will smell amazing.

Add chopped up kale and some salt and pepper and saute till its crispyish, about 7 minutes. Don’t add too much oil or it will be soggy.

Make quick caramelized red onions by chopping them in nice big chunks and cooking them in a bit of olive oil on high until they begin to brown. Then add a dash of sugar, lower the heat a bit and cook some more. Add about a tablespoon of water to let all the caramely sweet stuff on the bottom of the pan meld back into the onions where it belongs.

Finally make a nice, over easy fried egg. Please keep the yolk runny! It will act as the “sauce” for your breakfast.

Plate your french toast, toss on the crispy kale, caramelized onions, spread on a couple dollops of goat cheese and top with your egg.

I challenge you to make a more exquisitely satisfying breakfast.


*Credit goes to the spouse who had a hand in the invention when told we needed to make breakfast with what we had in the house.


2 thoughts on “Savory French Toast

  1. I’ve always been confused by sweet French toast, and in fact it rarely makes an appearance on my breakfast plate. It’s like a wanna-be pancake? (That said my best friend makes a superb fruit toast version, which is even better slathered in leftover creme brulee – oh yes…). Savoury French toast makes so much more sense! Add some nice grilled peppers and a fried egg and it all becomes clear exactly how delicious this eggy bread can be 🙂 Thanks for the idea!

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