Heritage General Store


Apparently people demand bikes and coffee. A combination that never occurred to me, but works seamlessly at Heritage General Store.

Heritage has become my favorite spot in the city to sit and read or work for hours. Its atmosphere is incredible inviting, pretty and rustic. It serves Stumptown coffee and you can even get a growler of iced coffee to take home. Delish.


They carry a few Southport Grocery baked goods, little sandwiches, soups and a few types of quiches. On the weekends they carry a selection of Glazed and Infused doughnuts which is more than acceptable to me.

They also had a killer sour cherry lemonade a few weeks back. It may be a seasonal thing so be sure to try it before it disappears.


I absolutely love their support of small, artisanal vendors. They have a florist who brings her flowers by every so often, and a broken down vintage bus outside that has a new pop up shop seemingly every weekend. Last weekend there was a masseuse  with a tent and a few weekends ago was a vintage dress shop.  Totally hipster and completely rad. A good source tells me their wifi even reaches to both of their outdoor areas.


When my husband’s bike arrived without instructions on how to assemble it, (thanks Retrospec) the combo of coffee and bikemanship finally dawned on me as utter genius instead of just delightfully quirky. We brought the bike parts to them, grabbed a coffee and were assured that they would take it from there. And they did!

Whether you need to fix a flat tire or customize an entire bike, this is the place to do it. I love seeing all the crazy cool rides scattered around the shop.

There is a store in the back for all the bicycle gear your hipster heart could ever hope for. Seats, locks, baskets, bells, helmets, lamps and contraptions I don’t even recognize can all be found. You can purchase some online too.


There is even something for the little ones, and a photography studio.

Stop by Heritage, drink a coffee, eat a treat and hunker down for a few hours.

(You’ll probably see my brother and sister-in-law there as it is basically their second home.)



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