A dinner alone


Angel hair pasta with sautéed tomatoes, onions, black pepper crusted tempeh with a brown butter sage drizzle.

Being an introvert , I need at least a few hours a week by myself to recuperate and recharge.

“Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant” is a book of essays by various authors about their secret, solitary eating habits and rituals. The essays are mostly quirky, wise* or poetic and a few are a bit lame. But I loved learning about everyone’s routine when there was no one around to impress but themselves.

Some came up with the weirdest combination of ingredients while some ate asparagus for every meal all summer long.

Some people loathed every lonely meal while others relished each silent, restful moment.

Some ate mac and cheese straight out of the pot and others set an entire place setting and feasted on multiple courses of gourmet experiments.

Personally I look forward to the delicious luxury of eating a random meal that only the eater can appreciate, but if you are eating a meal alone, be sure not to feel lonely. Be adventurous, silly and brave.

Take yourself out to a restaurant that you never get to go to and don’t feel silly about eating all by your self. People watching is super entertaining, or bring a book to read or just simply be. It’s awesome. No one is judging you and if they are, who the hell cares?

If you are home and need to eat up the contents of your pantry because you are moving across the country in a few days, then by all means create the most absurd concoction you can imagine because it is just for you anyway. It could be brilliant, it could be a disaster or it could be just what you need.

What are your solitary eating habits?

*Nora Ephron and her potatoes


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