You are what you eat

The facts in this Food Mythbusters video about fast food marketing to kids are alarming.

My Netflix queue has been filling up with food related documentaries lately. Now, most of them are slick and cool, highlighting crazy awesome chefs who do mind-boggling things with food. But I’m going to start challenging myself to actually learn while watching documentaries, and not just be entertained.  Putting myself through Food 101.

The very first foodish film that I remember being challenging and actually changing the way I think about what I eat was  Food, Inc.  It’s been a few years now so I don’t remember all the details it stated, but I do remember being shocked and outraged.

Shocked and outraged at the travesties, manipulation, and flagrant greed by the food and advertising industries. But I was also ashamed that I had been duped and remained ignorant for so long.

Always a fan of looking “behind the scenes”, this started me on a quest to learn more about the food we eat, why we eat it and what is in this “food” we eat. Cuz guys, often it isn’t even food. It is chemicals and wood pulp and dye  and carcinogens  and just absolute insanity. And the animals we eat, are horrifically tortured and pumped full of nonsense which makes its way into our bodies.

I’ve read a few books and articles that have enlightened me enough to change the way I eat. I’m become  kinda hippy-ish with my vegetarianism, green smoothies, quinoa, whole plant based foods and wheatgrass shots.  I love it.

Obviously food is an extremely personal decision and is, unfortunately, often dictated by outside factors such economic status or cultural norms. But I sincerely encourage you to educate yourself about what you and your family eat each and every day. I believe food and diet is an ENORMOUS factor in the state of our health today. Enormous.

How can you expect your body to act optimally if you feed it processed junk!? Logic people!

Books that were helpful to me:

The Kind Diet

Beauty Detox Solution

Eating Animals

In Defense of Food

Omnivore’s Dilemma

The China Study

The Food Revolution

I’m going to put these on my “To Watch” list:

16 TED talks that make you smarter about food

26 Films every food activist should know

What have you learned about food recently that outraged you? I’d love to know!


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