Provisions by Food52

For our wedding this summer we received so many fun kitchen products, some essential and some simply decorative. I love them all dearly, but there always seems to be more out there!

I’ve recently discovered Food52 , which is basically a online food community. They have columns, recipes, contests and even a hotline where you can ask or answer food questions. Beautiful photos, decadent recipes and some awesome columns make it a must add to your feedly or whatever stand in you are using for Google Reader ( may it rest in peace).  I’ve found some of my favorite food blogs from here and continue coming back for more.

They’ve recently launched provisions, which is an online store for artisanal food products and artsy kitchen accessories. I’ve been pinning a lot to my secret Gift board as well as my “I Want” board…

Some favorites

There are some handy Collections where products are helpfully curated by project, such as The Coffee Collection, Tea Time, Linens, Eating Outdoors, Indie Food Mags and DIY Kombucha.

The Coffee Collection

I’d love to get my hands on some Lucky Peach and Chickpea subscriptions.

Then just loads of pretty products and tools.

Spice and Herb Salt Tower – $25

Espresso cups – $36

Limited Edition Sfoglini Summer Basil Radiators (2 pounds) – $24

Superior Servers – $30 – $55

Sagaform Oak Grater – $25

Peugeot “Paris” U’Select Pepper Mill – $42

Brooklyn Slate Cheese Board, Knife and Soapstone Pencil Set- $48

Tiffin 3-Tier Bento Lunch Pail- $25

The Classic, Tea Crafted for Cocktails $32

Medley + Noir Blooming Tea Set $28

There is also a superb pinterest board of similar products from other vendors. I think they have asked well known bloggers to contribute to it so there is a nice variety of unique things. Be sure to follow their instagram too. Pure eye candy.


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