Basic Knife Skills

One of the most essential kitchen skills to learn is proper knife etiquette.

Knowing which one to use, how to handle it, types of cuts and how to care for your knives is fundamental to not only your safety but it also makes your kitchen life so much simpler and more uniform. I am just now learning these fundamental skills which is honestly kind of shameful.

I was so excited to get new knives as a wedding present that I kissed them, odd I know. But, I confess, I was nervous of my large chef’s knife and stuck to a smaller utility knife for almost everything.

But no longer!


I just took a knife skills class at The Pantry and learned so much! Mataio Gillis of Ciao Thyme showed 11 students and I some basic knife skills and gave us personalized tips based on the knives we brought in from home. Mine has issues so I sent it away to Epicurean Edge so they can work their magic and fix it up. I highly recommend some sort of basic knife skill class or do a bit of research on your own. Hell, even just do a Youtube search! I’m committed to practicing on many a vegetable this winter.

Check out the below infographic for a nice cheat sheet or Kathleen Flinn’s handy tutorial here.

Basic Knife skills via Reddit

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