Parsnip soup topped with crispy sage and lemon butter

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Though we aren’t in a polar vortex or anything, I can still get some comfort from a piping hot bowl of savory soup. In my opinion, winter is the season for soups. Ok, fall is too but a lot of foods are in season then, so soups tend to fall to the wayside. During the grey monotony of winter, it is more difficult for me to get motivated and creative about dishes other than soup. Especially since we are all supposed to be getting smarter, thinner, cooler and all around er-er after January 1st.

What is easy to make vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free!?!

SOUP soup SoUp.

Parsnip is a funny word right? Down home and rustic yet fancy.

I can imagine Mr. Carson deploring Mr. Mosely for serving the 3rd course to Lady Mary with the wrong hand with a hooked nose glare.  “Mr. Mosely, please refrain from hauling the creamed parsnips willy nilly into the dining room. They’ll slosh”.

I’d never cooked with parsnips before and wasn’t even exactly sure how to prepare them, but this soup from Love and Olive Oil just sounded to cozy to pass up on account of ignorance. Luckily Food52 came to my rescue with an ingenious little video showing exactly how to core a parsnip. Slightly labor intensive, but worth it. Just don’t slice yourself like I may have.

I was excited to use my new christmas present, an emulsion blender to create an easy, creamy luxe soup. It worked deliciously if I do say so myself. My husband agreed.

Parsnip soup topped with crispy sage and lemon butter

Top off 3 garlic heads till most cloves are showing and drizzle with olive oil. Place in foil and tightly wrap so none spills out and scorches your oven. That is annoying. Roast garlic for about 35-40 minutes. When they are done, let them cool a bit and push out the soft warm pods. Inhale deeply.

Chop up a large onion and one shallot. Saute in olive oil in your soup pot until just browning. Core and chop up about 6 medium sized parsnips. Add to the pot with sprig or two of fresh rosemary. Pour in about 4 cups ( 1 container) of vegetable stock and allow to simmer for about 45 mins. Test to see if the parsnips are soft.

Add those mouthwatering garlic cloves and if you want  cream, add about 1/2 a cup or so. Use an emulsion blender ( or a countertop one CAREFULLY) to meld everything together. Season to taste with a healthy dose of salt and fresh black pepper, maybe a squeeze of lemon juice.

Heat up a chunk of unsalted butter in a pan until foamy. Add some sage leaves for about 2 minutes until crisp. Place leaves on paper towel. Add one small lemon‘s worth of juice and take away from heat. Mix up lemon butter.

Serve yourself a bowl, top with a couple crispy sage leaves and a drizzle ( or more) of lemon butter. A crusty slice of bread would not be an out of place accompaniment.


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