I’m afraid of my Kitchen Aid.

I know, I know, it’s completely irrational. My teal colored machine is pretty, super practical and has all kinds of fun attachments and buttons, begging to be played with. But, maybe it’s because it has all those buttons, knobs and movable parts that it scares me a little. Maybe I’m scared because it seems to be primarily for baking which I don’t have much experience with. Maybe because it was a wedding present, I associate it with the grown up, adult world which I may not be ready for, and now I’ve made it into an existential crisis. Great.



Obviously I don’t run away shrieking whenever that sleek, silver bowl and whirly, weapon-like attachment come into view. I’ve even purposefully placed it in a prominent location on my countertop as a sort of a guilt trip that it sits unused. While I whip up dinner, I’ll occasionally eye it warily as if it sits in judgement at my timidity. Well, recently I decided to finally conquer my fear. This came in the form of the realization that if I mixed up a bunch of ingredients in my Kitchen Aid, scooped up said mixed ingredients and placed them in a hot oven, I would have cookies. “Obviously”, you are thinking. Well, I’m a nervous baker. I love the freedom cooking gives me with its vague measurements and flavor extravaganzas. Baking has always seemed to be a strict science, rigid in its rules of butter temperature, kneading, sifting and precise quantities. Fearful that I’d screw up, I avoided it altogether. But how could I allow hestiaphobia to win? Was I going to allow my cute, innocent Kitchen Aid gather dust and be forever unloved? No! I declared 2014 to be the year for courage in the kitchen!





So with great resolve and trepidation, I gathered up ingredients to create oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I underestimated how heavy my Kitchen Aid was upon lifting, but continued undeterred. Ultimately, I discovered that baking is basically thrilling. Throwing in my carefully measured ingredients – pretending I was on the Food Network with lots of little bowls – the dough changed colors and textures throughout the process. My first attempt at cookie creating resulted in gooey, scrumptious rounds of pure happiness and pride. Nothing compares to the excitement I felt while breathing in the chocolatey, doughy fragrances that filled my tiny apartment. It was an all around powerful experience, to put it mildly.


Next up, yeast! What foodish fears have you conquered lately?


2 thoughts on “KitchenAidophobia

  1. Your cookies look lovely! Good luck with the yeast, baking bread is one of my absolute favorite things to do in the kitchen, and I’m usually more of a cook than a baker. After you’ve made several loaves, you get a good feel for what the dough should look and feel like, and it becomes more intuitive, like cooking.

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