Why, Hello Robin


Those look like some damn fine cookies right? They were. Don’t you worry about that.

Seattle is one of a few lucky cities to be a part of How About We (Brandon keeps calling it  “Why Don’t We Just Do That”).

How About We is a curator of dates for couples. I think they also have a singles dating site as well. I originally bought a 3 month membership for my brother and sister in law  as a Christmas present, and it turned out that it also signed Brandon and I up as members. Which is fine by me since that means we get a pretty fun free date once a month and discounts on the member dates, for like $10 a month.


You can get $50 off for your first date, which we cleverly used at Olivar. This is where  I bravely tried mussels for the first time and while I loved the garlic butter sauce, someone please tell me who decided mussels were edible? Who first found the shell, opened it and thought “Yum! We should eat this! “?  I just don’t get it.

We used our monthly free date to have a Cookie Tasting at Hello Robin, since what is a date without food? Not a real date. Conveniently (or suspiciously) we arrived just as a batch of fresh chocolate chip cookies were pulled out of the oven. The smells that wafted throughout this charming shop enveloped us as we were invited to take a seat and offered coffee or tea.


For our tasting we could choose 12 cookies from their selection of about ten or eleven different flavors. They had some staples like molasses and birthday cake and a few wildcards like a habañero orange chocolate chip and a crazy caramel pretzel one. I was partial to the wacky flavors myself.  I had room for 2, and we had to take the rest home with us for another day’s dessert.


Next door is a fun little general store, Cone & Steiner,  which you can peek into from Hello Robin. I bet their customers stand by the window waving hello to Robin all the time.


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