Brussels and Apples




Lately, my favorite day of the week is Thursday.


Thursday means a new episode of Serial which I listen to on my bus ride to work in the morning. As it ends, with Sarah mysteriously hinting next week’s episode with her loaded “Next week… on Serial”, I literally shake my fist at the sky in frustration and suspense. Thursday morning also means that no one sits next to me on the bus…  Have you been listening to Serial? You need to listen and then talk to me about it. The storytelling is gripping and it is all the more intense knowing that the producers are still investigating and don’t really know how it is all going to turn out in the end. Though I wish I could binge listen to them all in a day, it is probably good for me to be forced to wait a week between installments. An exercise in patience, delayed gratification and fully digesting a chapter before moving on to the next. Rare in this age of Netflix and watching a season of a show in a day. Thursday also means a new Spilled Milk episode and a leisurely happy hour at Sun Liquor for Brandon’s “Friday ” night. Thursday means the work week is winding down, yet don’t worry about getting everything done because there is still tomorrow.

It is glorious to enjoy where you work everyday so you aren’t desperate for the light at the end of the tunnel, otherwise known as the weekend. The actual workday has more positives in it than just a midday meal. The other day, I didn’t quite have the time or desire to create anything elaborate to bring to work for lunch. I threw a handful of brussels sprouts, an apple and a corner of parmesan cheese in a bag and whipped up a simple vinaigrette to assemble at lunch time. Turns out, this was crispy, crunchy and autumnal with a nice savory essence from the dijon dressing. Super simple and it has got to be healthy since it has fruit AND vegetables right? Winning. Also, shaving parmesan on a microplane is super therapeutic. Delicate, gently falling tendrils mesmerize until you realize there is now a mountain of powdery cheese on your salad. Eh, there are worse things.



 Apple and Brussels Sprout Salad


Peel off the outer layer of 7-12 brussels sprouts, depending on how large you want your salad. Slice or use a mandoline to shred them into strips. Choose an apple that is crisp, not mushy or overly juicy or sweet. Dice and toss with your shredded sprouts. Mix a couple glugs of olive oil, a bit of lemon juice, a spoonful of Dijon, small squeeze of honey, salt and pepper till it emulsifies. I like to use a mason jar, screw on the lid and shake it like my life depended on it or I was Taylor Swift being judged. Pour your vinaigrette over your sprouts and apples and toss to combine it all. Top with a little salt and black pepper. Shave parmesan or another similar cheese on top. And thats lunch! I bet a side of some warm bread with a smathering of blue cheese would be a nice companion.


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