Boot Stuffers

Ok, now that Thanksgiving has passed I give my permission for everyone to start with the Christmasey things. Caroling, twinkle lights, pine boughs and all manner of red and green. I’m sure you all waited until I gave my go ahead and I really appreciate that. One holiday at a time people.

Christmas is the one time during the year that all 7 members of my family get together. We are scattered across the country and have gained a few members in the last couple years, so this year will be particularly epic. I’m a very strict traditionalist, and so see myself as the Enforcer to make sure we continue with all the little things we do every year. For instance, instead of stockings we leave out winter boots on Christmas Eve, as an homage to our Hungarian history. On December 6th, Hungarian children leave out their boots for Szent Miklós to fill with treats.  Our boots are usually filled little knick-knacks, goodies, small makeup items and sometimes little clues to larger presents.

Below is a little Stocking/Boot Stuffer Guide, for food lovers obviously. Hope it gives you some inspiration! Merry happy!



 Whetstone, Veggie Tattoos, Produce Sheets, Parchment and Lemon Wraps, Canned OctopusCheese Labels, Crack Pie Mix, Heirloom Seeds


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