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sun gold and zucchini crostini

While toasting slices of bread, slice sun gold tomatoes and zucchini and let sit in a bit of olive oil, salt and strips of basil. Once bread is toasted, spread with soft goat cheese and top with tomato/zucchini mixture. Sprinkle coarse salt and cracked black pepper. Eat 3-5 slices. 



Marinated Goat Cheese – At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen


Marinated goat cheese from Amy Chaplin's "At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen"




Marinated Goat Cheese – At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen

In a glass jar, layer pulls of soft goat cheese with olive oil, fresh thyme, peppercorns, smashed garlic cloves and bay leaves over and over until you reach the top of the jar. Be sure cheese is completely covered by oil at all times. Let marinate for a few days before using and don’t even think about getting rid of the oil once you’ve used up all the cheese. That is what warm bread is for.