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The Happy Food Dance*  is a way to creatively explore and share my fondness for food. Whether its discovering a quirky new dive cafe or creating a delectable recipe, I want to invite you to discover foodish things with me.

Previously based in Chicago and now in Seattle, my love and desire to travel combines well with eating, so various other (hopefully exotic) locales may find themselves showcased every so often. I wish. We’ll see. The possibilities are constrained only by the amount of restaurants in the world and the contents of my wallet…




* The happy food dance is something my eating companions have accused me of doing occasionally when sitting down to eat. It’s  an awkward bobbing back and forth motion of my upper torso… its involuntary and comes upon me when I’m either eating something satisfying and delicious, or I’ve been grumpy and starving and something edible was put in front of me. There really isn’t much rhyme or reason to it, except that it happens when I eat and am happy. Hence the moniker obviously.


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