A Marvelous Fall Lunch

bread fig and goat

Saturday afternoon was Apple Fest in Lincoln Square. Also known as “Stroller Fest”. Dodging babies and dogs resulted in a nice half a Carmel Apple pie. This was dessert, so I needed to find a suitable lunch. At Gene’s Sausage Shop  I found an irresistible sounding spread, Fig and Black Tea by quince & apple ,  which required some goat cheese and a nice crunchy baguette. Warm that bread up and spread away.

A simply marvelous fall luncheon.


FEW Spirits

FEW signNorth of Chicago in the suburb of Evanston is the home of independent distillery FEW Spirits. Which is ironic because Evanston used to be part of a strictly dry county. Their very name is an homage to this. Frances Elizabeth Willard was the leader of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union in the 1800s. Cute. Spunky. I like it.

View of distillery from lobbyThey have been around about a year and are already pretty established. It’s a small venture yet has won numerous awards. They make White Whiskey, Bourbon Whiskey, Rye, Gin and Standard Issue Gin, which is bottled at 114 proof!

The owner/operator takes great pride in his “grain to glass” approach and keeps things small and quality focused. Drop by for a tour and some samples sometime. It costs $10 and you learn a good bit about the distillery process and get to try some really good spirits.

FEW Spirits distillery 3

Few Spirits samplesFEW Spirits